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Top Mistakes People Make After a Dog Bite

Posted on October 2nd, 2023

Dealing with a dog bite is an unexpected and challenging ordeal. Victims often grapple with pain, confusion, and a flurry of emotions. Amidst this chaos, it’s essential to make informed decisions to safeguard your rights and well-being. Here are the top five mistakes people make after suffering a dog bite, and the steps that you could take to avoid them.

#1: Not Seeking Medical Attention

Many underestimate the severity of a dog bite, writing it off as a minor injury. However, a dog’s mouth is a breeding ground for bacteria, and a bite can introduce these germs into the body. Without proper medical care, you could develop a dangerous infection that could become life-threatening.

Always seek medical attention promptly after a dog bite, even if it seems insignificant. This not only ensures your health and safety but also creates a medical record that can be critical if legal actions are taken.

#2: Admitting Fault or Liability

In the immediate aftermath of a dog bite, it’s natural to want to pacify the situation. You might find yourself saying things like “It’s okay” or “Maybe I shouldn’t have approached the dog” or even “I’m sorry, it was my fault.” 

However, these statements, made in the heat of the moment, can later be used against you if you decide to seek compensation. Remember to stay calm, avoid admitting fault, and refrain from making definitive statements about the circumstances leading to the bite.

#3: Not Documenting Evidence

If you do want to pursue a dog bite lawsuit, it’s critical to gather as much evidence as possible. Without strong evidence, your claim could become much weaker and you would be unable to recover the compensation that you deserve.

After ensuring your safety, try to gather as much information as possible. This includes taking photos of your injuries, the location, the dog, and any other pertinent details. If there were witnesses, collect their contact information. Write down your account of the events as soon as you can, while memories are fresh. This documentation can prove invaluable during any legal proceedings or negotiations with insurance companies.

#4: Not Reporting the Incident

Many victims of dog bites hesitate to report the incident, often out of sympathy for the dog owner. However, reporting is vital for several reasons. It creates an official record of the event, which can be crucial for legal purposes. 

Furthermore, this step helps authorities track potentially dangerous dogs and take necessary precautions to prevent further incidents. Always report a dog bite to local animal control, the police, or another relevant agency, ensuring that the situation is handled professionally.

#5: Not Contacting a Dog Bite Attorney for Help

Lastly, one of the gravest mistakes is not seeking legal counsel. Dog bite laws can be complex and challenging to navigate alone. A knowledgeable dog bite attorney in Washington State can guide you through the aftermath of the attack, advise you on your legal rights, and fight for the compensation that you deserve. 

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