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How to Properly Pet a Dog

Posted on August 31st, 2023

Petting a dog may seem like a simple and harmless action, but doing so incorrectly can lead to misunderstandings or even injury. Whether you’re meeting a friend’s pet or encountering a dog on a walk, knowing how to approach and touch the animal is essential for your safety and well-being. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to properly pet a dog.

Step 1: Ask for Permission

Before you even think about petting a dog, especially one you don’t know, always ask the owner for permission. This is not only courteous but also critical for your safety. Some dogs may have behavioral issues or medical conditions that make them less amenable to being touched.

Step 2: Let the Dog Come to You

If the owner gives you the green light, allow the dog to approach you first. Extend your hand in a relaxed manner and let the dog sniff it. This is the dog’s way of getting to know you and feeling comfortable with your presence. Avoid sudden movements or loud noises that may startle the animal.

Step 3: Observe the Dog’s Body Language

Before you pet the dog, take a moment to observe its body language. A wagging tail, relaxed ears, and a playful or neutral stance are generally good indicators that the dog is comfortable with you. Conversely, a rigid body, tucked tail, or bared teeth are warning signs that you should not proceed with petting.

Step 4: Choose the Right Spot

Dogs have different preferences when it comes to being touched. Commonly safe spots are the back, shoulders, or chest. However, many dogs do not like being touched on the top of the head or around the muzzle. Pay attention to the dog’s reactions as you touch it; if it pulls away or shows discomfort, you should cease petting immediately.

Step 5: Use a Gentle Touch

Once you’ve determined the right spot to pet, use an open hand to gently stroke the dog. Keep your movements slow and gentle, observing the dog’s reaction throughout. If the dog seems to enjoy it and shows positive signs, such as leaning into your hand or wagging its tail, you’re likely doing it right.

What To Do If You Are Bitten By A Dog

What to Do If You Are Bitten by a Dog

Even when you take every precaution to approach a dog safely, serious incidents can still happen. If you are bitten by a dog, it is important to remain calm and take steps to protect yourself and your safety:

  • Perform First Aid: Immediately wash the wound with soap and water to minimize the risk of infection. Apply an antibiotic ointment and cover the wound with a sterile bandage. 
  • Seek Medical Care: Go to the doctor as soon as possible, especially if the bite is deep, there’s uncontrolled bleeding, or signs of infection appear. A medical evaluation is crucial for assessing the risk of complications such as infection, nerve damage, or even rabies.
  • Report the Incident: Notify local animal control or law enforcement agencies about the dog bite. Provide all available information, including the dog’s appearance, location, and owner details if known.

After taking care of your immediate medical needs, consult an attorney who specializes in dog bite cases. A Seattle dog bite attorney can provide critical support, from the collection of evidence to the filing of a lawsuit, to ensure that you are fairly compensated for your injuries. Schedule a free consultation or contact us as soon as possible to plan your next steps.