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How Dog Attacks Can Lead to Other Injuries

Posted on January 31st, 2023

Despite their popularity, dogs can be incredibly dangerous animals in the hands of negligent and reckless owners. Every year, people are injured in dog attacks, suffering serious bite injuries that lead to lasting complications.

Dog bites are not the only injury you could suffer in a dog attack, however. A dog attack can lead to many other serious injuries, including broken bones, soft tissue injuries, and lacerations. If you were injured by a dog, you have the right to hold the owner accountable for bite injuries and beyond. A Washington dog bite attorney can help you navigate the legal process of your lawsuit.

Injuries Sustained When Escaping a Dog Attack

Most people think of bites when it comes to dog attacks. These animals have incredibly sharp teeth and strong jaws, after all, and can inflict a lot of damage with them. Even if you are not bitten by the animal, however, you can still suffer serious injuries during a dog attack.

When you are being attacked by a dog, you will do anything in your power to get away from the animal. While you are fleeing the scene of the attack, you could trip and fall, suffering sprains, strains, and broken bones. You may hit your head on concrete, resulting in brain damage. 

These injuries can be very painful and even life-threatening without medical care. If you were involved in any type of dog attack, it is important to seek professional treatment as soon as possible to avoid any dangerous complications.

Dog Bite Infections and Complications

If you are bitten by a dog, you can suffer serious complications beyond broken skin and lacerations. These animals can have dangerous bacteria in their saliva, which can be passed to your bloodstream during a dog attack.

As a result, you can develop life-threatening infections, such as the following:

  • Rabies
  • Staph infections
  • Strep infections
  • Cellulitis

Liability for Dog Attacks in Washington State

Negligent dog owners deserve to be held accountable. After a dog attack, you may wonder about your options for legal action. Washington has laws in place that help victims hold owners accountable for their dogs’ actions; however, liability depends on whether or not the dog bit you during the attack.

Washington has a strict liability statute for dog bites. It does not matter if the owner was negligent or if the dog has a history of previous attacks—if the animal bites someone, the owner is always liable. You have the right to file a lawsuit against the owner and recover damages to pay for medical care, lost wages, and many other losses.

If you did not suffer a dog bite but sustained other injuries during the attack, the owner is only liable if his or her negligence caused the accident. For example, if the owner fails to keep his or her dog on a leash at a park where one is required, he or she could be held liable if the dog attacks you.

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Contact a Washington Dog Bite Lawyer Today

The aftermath of a dog attack can be scary and overwhelming. In these situations, you deserve justice—and a Washington dog bite lawyer can help. Your attorney can conduct a complete investigation into the incident, determine whether you are eligible for compensation, and gather evidence proving the owner’s negligence if necessary.

After the attack, seek medical care right away. Then, contact a Washington dog bite lawyer for a free case consultation.