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FAQs Surrounding Dog Bites and Attacks

Posted on June 25th, 2022

Dogs are an extremely popular pet in Washington state, but with the presence of dogs comes a risk of attacks. Bites from dogs can cause serious injuries, illnesses, and long-term psychological consequences

In Washington, victims of dog bites have the right to file a lawsuit against the owner of the animal that attacked them. Here are a few of the most frequently asked questions about dog bites and attacks, and the claims that can arise from these incidents.

What Should I Do After a Dog Bite?

If you are attacked by a dog, it is important to get to a safe location and seek medical attention as soon as possible. Dog bites can lead to life-threatening complications without treatment. Once you receive medical care, contact a lawyer about your case.

When Is a Dog Owner Liable for a Bite?

Washington follows a strict liability standard for dog bites. Owners are always liable if their dogs bite someone who is lawfully on private property or in public. The only exceptions are if the victim was trespassing or provoked the dog.

What Compensation Is Available in a Dog Bite Lawsuit?

By filing a lawsuit against a dog owner, you could recover compensation for the financial, physical, and emotional impact of the attack. In your settlement, you can claim damages for medical care, lost wages, pain and suffering, and property damage.

What If the Dog Injures Me, but Doesn’t Bite Me?

Some dog attacks do not involve a bite, but a dog injuring you in another way. Washington’s strict liability standard only applies to bites. However, if an owner’s negligence led to your injury, you could file a lawsuit against him or her.

How Do I Know If I Have a Case?

You likely qualify for a dog bite lawsuit if you were bitten by a dog while you were in public or legally on private property. However, the only way to confirm your eligibility is to speak with a lawyer. 

Do I Need a Dog Bite Lawyer?

Dog attacks can be complex cases, and you may struggle to recover from your painful injuries. An attorney can handle all aspects of your case on your behalf so that you can focus on recovery and treatment. Your lawyer can calculate your damages, prepare your case for the courtroom, and provide important guidance throughout your lawsuit.

What Are Some of the Most Common Dog Bite Injuries?

Dog bites often result in open puncture wounds that are very painful. Depending on the extent of the bites, these injuries can lead to permanent scarring and disfigurement. Additionally, dog saliva often contains dangerous bacteria that can lead to life-threatening infections and diseases, like rabies. 

How Do I Perform First Aid After a Dog Bite?

First aid can go a long way in preventing the development of infections after a dog bite. If you are able, wash your wound with soap and warm water, apply an antibiotic ointment, and dress the wound in clean bandages. Then, seek medical care as soon as possible.

Speak to a Washington Dog Bite Lawyer

If you were bitten by a dog in Washington state, you deserve justice. A Washington dog bite lawyer can represent your lawsuit against the animal’s owner and fight to secure the compensation that you deserve. After the attack, contact an attorney who can handle your case to discuss your next steps.