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Girl attacked by dangerous dog at birthday party

$200,000 Combined Policy Limits Settlement:  A young girl was attacked by a dangerous dog at a birthday party.  The girl was dropped off at her friend’s house for a birthday party.  While the girl played in the home’s fully fenced backyard, she was attacked by her friend’s family’s dog.  Unbeknownst to the girl’s family, the dangerous dog had recently bitten another child.  The girl suffered bite injuries to her lip.  Fortunately, she made a wonderful recovery and had little scarring.  The homeowners insurance company for the dog owner, Travelers, paid the entire bodily injury liability limit of $100,000. In addition, due to the co-habitation and common areas shared by the dog owner as a tenant and her landlord, the landlord’s homeowners insurance company, State Farm, paid the entire bodily injury liability limit of $100,000.

Our client’s medical expenses were less than $3,000.  The $200,000 settlement is more than 60 times the medical bills.

Total Settlement: $200,000

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