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A young girl was bitten by a pit bull

A young girl was bitten by a pit bull. While playing in her grandmother’s front yard, the child saw a man walking a dog towards her. She walked toward the man and his dog, stopped, and asked to pet the dog. The man told her that it was okay, but to be careful. As the child reached to pet the dog, the dog lunged and bit her on her cheek. Law enforcement was notified and responded to the scene. Animal control investigated the incident and, initially, issued a Dangerous Dog Declaration to the dog owner. However, for unexplained reasons, Animal Control changed its determination and ruled that the young child provoked the dog.

The bite caused a two-inch laceration on the child’s cheek. She underwent medical care, including plastic surgery treatments, totaling approximately $18,000. Despite Animal Control’s ridiculous determination, we successfully recovered the dog owner’s $300,000 homeowners insurance policy with Allstate Insurance.

Total Settlement: $300,000 Policy Limits